GSoC Blog Post 4

GSoC Blog Post #4

Another Fortnight gone by, and perhaps this was the time when we got most work done.

This time around I added two new features to mercurial.

They are: The allfiles mode

This would work on a single revision and get all the files that were there in that revision. So it’s like grepping on a previous state. Using this with wdir() :: hg grep -r “wdir()” –allfiles is what the default behaviour is desired for grep.

Link to PR :

Then I also added the diff mode: This is a duplicate of the exisitng all flag. Since –all searches diffs, there diff is a better name for it. The –all flag is still here for backward compatibility reasons.

Link to PR :

I am working on two more patches right now, will be posting about that in the next blog.

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